Dusting Off the Blog

I abandoned my old blog and when I tried to resurrect it, found that my old blogging platform, no longer plays nicely with social media sites. So I’ve set up a new site through a different route and I’ll try to get this rolling again.  I am such a meandering soul… a firefly who often doesn’t know where to light… a new recipe? spinning some words? mowing the grass? starting a bee colony? creating a new logo?  painting a bridge? watching a movie with the boys?  Yes please! I love all of these!

Writing is the thing that seems to always get pushed to the bottom of the pile… yet it fills my soul when I carve out the time.  So I will pick this up once again.  I will transfer over some of my old posts, and fill in with some new.

Some recent wisdom from my favorite (you know who) singer.  I saw her a month or so ago with my cousin dear.  We were lucky enough to attend a Q and A.  Someone asked her, “What advice would you give to an aspiring singer/songwriter?”  Her answer was two-fold. The first very practical and specifically for a musician… play an instrument, so you can accompany yourself.  The second hit me softly in the heart.  “Use your talent.  You may imagine that your talent will lead you to a large stadium or audience.  But don’t limit your talent to that end goal.  Sing in coffee shops.  Sing in your living room.  Sing in church.  Just don’t let your talent be idle.  Touch those around you.”  I’m certainly paraphrasing… but that’s the gist.


If you’re a singer. Sing. If you’re a runner. Run. If you’re a writer.  Write.  Don’t wait for a particular audience or moment.  We all have an audience.  If you’re reading this… you’re mine!

So as I meander from topic to topic, idea to idea, I’ll try my best to lasso some words and images to share.  My dear friend Diana loves the Yoda quote, “Do or do not, there is no try.” So there you go.

A lot has changed around here, and a lot has stayed the same.  I guess that’s the way it should be.


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